How to build a fireplace with his hands

Building a fireplace with his hands. One of the most popular options for the construction of fireplaces - brick fireplace, which is suitable for both home interior, as well as for a holiday flat.

Requirements for all fireplaces are the same: he should not smoke, should be a good warm up and have an aesthetic appearance.

First, let's define what will be the basis for a fireplace - the foundation or concrete base. This is followed to determine the dimensions of the fireplace. If the room area of ​​approximately 20 sq. m. with a ceiling height of 3 to 5 m, the opening for the furnace to be not more than 0, 4 sq. M. Proportions firebox height and width will be 2: 3. Its depth will have the same ratio, i.e. size will range from 25 to 35 cm. If the depth is not great enough - all the smoke goes to the room, but if overdone with the size - large heat losses occur. Chimney height around 4-5 m. Flue hole will be 0, 04 sq. m., that is 14x14 cm.

To fire, as much as possible to retain heat, the interior walls arranged at an angle: side deploy outward, and the back wall is tilted forward. To avoid sparks and soot into the room, it is necessary to arrange the ledge.

When choosing the location of the fireplace in the room, it is better to give preference to the angular position or the end wall.

Brick is necessary to use a refractory - Fireclay possible. It must not necessarily be factory - and suitable former use (required only from the purified solution and with a smooth surface). Also needed sand, clay, cement, and valve rebars (about 20 pieces of length 0, 7 m.).

The foundation and the first brick row separated waterproofing layer of roofing felt or roofing material. Before laying, brick is soaked in water that it is not subsequently taken away water from the solution - it will lead to frailty masonry.

Ground series is most often carried out in 3 rows: first row is placed on the edge, the other two flat. Exterior walls should carry a trowel, and the inner arm. In the process of removing the walls should always follow the following dimensions: the angles check a square, diagonal - a special thread, horizontal surface - level, vertical - a plumb line. All non-smooth surfaces operate overlap (i.e., no more than 6 cm).

To bridge devices for temporary backup set cradling then spread brick. In deriving the pipe is better to use a cement-sand mortar. Do not forget, at the outlet pipe must be sheltered from the rain. As it is necessary to comply with fire regulations.

The floor around the fireplace is carpeted or metal sheet or tile width of 0, 5 m. If the fireplace is lined with brick, the joints are overwritten, and the brick can be painted in the color you want, without hurting joints. You can oblitsevat fireplace with refractory tiles, and seams to jam a special grout.

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