How to cut glass at home

The farm is quite often necessary to cut glass. The case is not complicated. But you need some skill and some knowledge. On them will be discussed.

The glass is cut on a smooth flat surface. At home, for this case is suitable table, which can be covered with paper - for instance, old wallpaper or old clean sheet. Glass is better to wipe with a damp cloth and dry.

After the glass is marked. For applying thin lines suitable marker for inscribing CDs. After counting easily wash detergent or a cloth soaked in acetone.

To cut the glass so that the result is not worse than in the workshops, where cutting is carried out on the glass order for the production of furniture and other purposes at home is better to mark the glass with a long flat rail. To rail does not slip on the glass, on one of its sides can be glued pieces of thin rubber. This may be a bicycle tire from the elastic chamber or harness, which is sold in the pharmacy.

Rake is pressed against the glass surface so that the cutting portion stekloreza fell precisely on the executed markup. The easiest way to install a glass cutter to mark the line and press him rail. The same action is performed on the other end of the rail. To cut a smooth glass is better to use a diamond glass cutter. But they were badly cut fluted glass, so there is better suited Roller glass cutter. Patterned or frosted glass is cut with the "wrong side" - the side that is the inverse of the front side.

Glass cutter holding fingers like a pen, but almost vertically. Start cutting from the far end and lead to him, without stopping or making repeated cuts. almost do not need to press the glass cutter. If done correctly, on the glass surface remains thin colorless line, virtually scratch.

If, however, formed a fairly wide furrow whitish color, the glass cutter is blunt, you have it wrong, or kept the pressure was too strong. According to the "wrong" Reza glass breaks in a most peculiar way.

When the glass cutter approaches the edge of the glass should be reduced and as little pressure on the glass. This measure will keep the surface of the kitchen table, and will not allow the blunt glaziers.

Then everything is simple. Glass breaks down on a smooth edge of the kitchen table. For easier operation it was recommended stekloreza head slightly to tap the back side of the glass along the scribed line to form a crack. Res should extend beyond the surface of the table in the 5-10 mm. Example, lift the glass and rather abruptly let him go.

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