Why in individual homes are increasingly using wooden windows?

window sales statistics in Russia as a whole, says that all the great demand among the population use wood window design, whereas plastic windows, which until recently occupied the top of the popularity ratings, are gradually moving to the second plan.

What makes the modern wooden windows may soon catch up and overtake the absolute market leaders - metal window construction? And why on wooden windows bets progressive construction of individual houses? The thing is that there's a lot of discussions and conversations, foreign scholars have repeatedly come around plastic windows to conclusions about the dangers of such products.

All this has forced people to reconsider their consumer preferences, changing course with plastic to natural wood. Modern wooden window design - a sample embodiments high technology. They are impeccable in terms of both aesthetic appearance, even on its technical and operational characteristics.

Of course, all this is true only if it is a product well-known and reliable manufacturers who are leaders Production and service of wooden window systems made them the world's standards of reliability and energy efficiency.

The growing popularity of wooden windows is explained by the fact that such products meet the highest quality requirements and energy efficiency. Modern glass windows do not transmit the cold from the street, do not create thermal bridges, of which the cold air can penetrate into the room. In the summer of such windows prevent the outflow of the invigorating coolness and create a comfortable indoor climate.

Everything else, such window structures are extremely durable, and repair of wooden windows can be made after the end of their useful life, which is to wind off time ago. Such a service as a professional restoration of wooden windows with double-glazed and without them can be returned pristine appearance even seen products.

In short, when the maintenance of wooden window designs is no shortage, as well as in themselves the wooden boxes that are available in a wide range design and design solutions to meet the needs of even the most demanding with respect to performance and product design buyer.

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