Plastic windows and breathability

Modern windows make air-tight, as it affects the human comfort level of living in the area. Old wooden structure left much to be desired: the seals were virtually absent. But the cold outdoor air through cracks penetrated inside and pick up moisture and appears draft did not allow to fall condensation on the inside of the window.

Everything is so easy as it seems

New windows have virtually no drawbacks - they look great in the existing interior, changing the conditions of heat, ventilation and indoor climate. All the more so buy cheap plastic windows today is not a problem. They are tightly locked, isolate street noise and retain heat in the house, and thus save energy, which is consumed for heating.

There are also disadvantages of plastic windows - no drafts, which can lead to the collection of moisture and condensation on the glass and in the coldest corners of the room. When installing new windows is almost always increases the humidity in the apartment.

If you installed the new design, there is no need to give up airing. This should be done regularly to control humidity in the room. However, we should not forget that the uncontrolled and lasting long hours, ventilation can also lead to an imbalance of the atmosphere in the apartment. Those who bought a cheap plastic windows, should try to avoid expensive repairs. If the frame recently installed, they should be regularly open for ventilation, but no more than 10 minutes. As practice shows, not all residents comply with this rule, assuming that the new frame set - and well.

natural ventilation

Easy to operate and self-ventilated model with internal thermal insulation, which provides air in the flat through the frame and sash. Outside air enters the outer chamber, rises and passes through the profile cavity with sound-absorbing pads. Thereafter, the air gets between the frame and sash, and through the slots - the upper sash bar and into the room. Noise or whistle it does not happen because of the special location of the slots.

Air exchange occurs due to the pressure difference on each side of the structure, or due to the presence of draft in the ventilation. The number of openings for ventilation can vary - it changes depending on the perimeter of the window. Conveniently, the ventilation system is not visible from the outside, and does not require any maintenance or care. Air exchange occurs via a special chamber, so the seal will remain intact. This ensures that no condensation on the windows and in the rooms, with no need for ventilation.

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