Repairs of roofing

The roof has a protective function and is heat-insulating integrated solution that helps reduce heat losses and provide a comfortable indoor climate. In addition, it performs an aesthetic function. If the roof has ceased to perform at least one of these functions, a decision on the implementation of its repair.

The easiest type of repair is associated with improved aesthetics of the roof. In this case, works are the usual character. These may include the replacement of the finishing coat, or simply consist of repair. You can also install additional equipment or upgrade parapets scenery. Feature repairs to improve aesthetics lies in the fact that they should be done carefully, taking into account what can be damaged by a fluid layer of insulation.

If in need of repair such layers of roofing pie, as the heat and waterproofing, it is more complicated. These works are not only more labor-intensive, but also more costly in terms of finances. Leakage roof is not necessarily associated with damage to the waterproofing layer. There may be situations where it "floats" due to lack of a vapor barrier layer, which should ensure the absence of condensate. And insufficient insulation of the roof can lead to leakage in the bitter cold. For these situations need to improve the thermal insulation layer of the roof during repairs. Perform this task can be on the outside, but it will require to disassemble the roof and inside. Amplification insulation can provide special film Alutrix type self-adhesive base. Lack of installation requires a vapor barrier, which may be made under the floor slab.

The most complex repairs on the roof are connected with the violation of the waterproofing layer. If there is a final coating of the roof, the leakage place can be patched using bitumen or polymer materials. Chance and repair such damage by means of a polymer mastic application which the entire roof area will help strengthen it and restore integrity. This material forms a surface film which is very much like a rubber. That it provides waterproofing properties after repair.

Wetting layer of insulation, it requires drying before performing work on the restoration of the roof to protect from moisture. If dry it is impossible, it will need to complete replacement.

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