Homemade for the home of a cardboard box for 3 minutes


Today I'll show you how out of the ordinary cardboard box to make a very useful thing that can be useful to everyone in the house.

For the manufacture takes only a few minutes.

In stores like device made of plastic cost about 500 rubles, but they are rarely where you will meet.

All you need - it's the size of a cardboard box approximately 60 cm long and 45 cm in height and tape.

From tools: Stationery knife and ruler.

Rather, the need is not the box itself, and cardboard. Therefore, the box easily cut on the fold.

The denser is cardboard, the better.

2 cut from cardboard rectangle with dimensions of 30 by 25 centimeters.

The resulting rectangles connect duct tape, leaving a small gap between them.

Now we need two more rectangle. But even with the sides 25 to 60 centimeters.

Putting all the pieces together with tape. Long rectangles glue only on the bottom half.

It turned a homemade device for folding clothes.

Skladyvatel clothes will quickly add up and the same T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, T-shirts for a couple of seconds.

Using skladyvatelya clothes will help you save time and storage space not only at home. Neatly folded items fit easily in your suitcase when traveling to a vacation.

  1. Put the shirt in the middle.
  2. Folding and unfolding the left side.
  3. Fold and unfold the right side.
  4. Folding and unfolding the central part.

Write in the comments if you like homemade.

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