What should be considered when building the carcass baths?

Frame bath being built with his own - the right way out, if budget is limited but extremely wants to have its own building for swimming.

Of course, the skeleton bath turnkey, ordered from a more convenient way of facilities, but what to do when there are skilled hands and a desire to use them. This design of the external beauty and quality does not differ from the traditional structure of bricks and timber. Say more, it has a lot of advantages, so the frame-panel construction so popular. It is not necessary to give up the desire to erect a sturdy construction with a minimum of invested finance, which can serve reliably for decades.

Even in ancient times the bath were made of wood, which is specially for this rubilas. However, even now the ancient technology is not lost its relevance. The reason for this was a new way - the construction of the bath frame having a significant number of advantages.

thermal insulation

Frame bath unthinkable, if not make an elaborate thermal insulation, since the holding of such events - a reliable guarantee of the creation of optimal conditions to ensure normal ventilation and seal. To take better insulation mineral wool or fiberglass. Such materials have a flawless performance, so they perfectly fulfill the responsibilities assigned to them.

Vapor barrier

You also can not ignore the vapor barrier. A significant drawback of the frame construction is the occurrence of condensation. He's in the rain and snow penetrates into the cracks, accumulating in cavities of the framework. To prevent this unpleasant phenomenon should qualitatively carry out the vapor barrier. To do this would be the optimum use of vapor barrier film or glassine paper, which are laid between the inside lining and insulation layer. Use roofing material is not recommended, as it is able to allocate during heating odor.

It is also important to choose the right wood.

The construction framing baths involves the use of well-dried material. Use may be aspen, larch or lime, which have low thermal conductivity and no deformation. Battens purchase free of defects, the highest grade.

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