Be careful! How to choose the original power tools and do not buy a fake ...

Currently, manual building power market is represented by a wide variety of models from many manufacturers, both Russian and foreign.

And professional builders and amateurs, everyone can find for themselves the necessary power tools, although this diversity make the right choice - no simple matter. In addition, it should be understood that the proportion of counterfeits on the market today is very impressive.

Therefore, the probability to buy low-quality fakes that let you down at the worst possible time - high.

How do you determine which tool is fake, and what not? With this task will manage the knowledge of some simple rules.

First is the name of the manufacturer. A fake company logo, most often nothing more than a label. On the original product logo or name of the manufacturer is in the form of embossing in a few places.

Another important factor that you should pay attention to is the label. Manufacturers usually responsible approach to the labeling of their products, and if you find that label pasted crookedly or negligently and it can be easily detached from the body, the more likely it is fake.

Also, read the inscription on the label, as a manufacturer, every batch of product labels according to where this party going. Therefore, if the inscription on the label worn or unclear, it is better to abandon this tool.

The color of the package, so you can identify counterfeit. Typically the color of the container in which the product is delivered, coincides or is similar to the tool itself. This applies primarily to the products of small size.

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