The advantages of multi-level ceilings made of plasterboard

Plasterboard ceilings allows you to mount several levels. For this ispolzute methods such as direct mounting of the box and figure, and also inserts with suspended ceilings. A big role in the decoration of multi-level ceilings with lighting plays.

Where can I make a multilevel ceiling?

Before proceeding to the installation of such a design, you need to make sure that the height of your room allows you to install two-level ceiling of plasterboard. Photos of ceiling shows their diversity, which in turn requires the free space.

Very often, two-level ceilings are mounted not only for design, but also for technical reasons. In older houses heating tubes extend from the ceiling and to their cover mount plasterboard box which is included in the ceiling, as an element of the second level of the ceiling.

In constructions' hruschovok "on the upper floors of the ceiling is made with an inclination difference and sometimes reaches 15cm. To eliminate the difference and save the height of the room is also mounted two ceiling level.

Advantages of the two-level ceiling of plasterboard

First of all, the ceiling is made up of two levels - it is an excellent design solution. Relief ceiling allows to take another look at the interior of the room, also with the help of shades levels can affect the visual volume of the room.

As mentioned above, the two-level ceiling lighting play an important role. For illumination of ceilings often spotlights are used, but they are also used in addition to the band diode lamps and, of course, chandeliers. Sometimes, in addition to the lamps, the color used for design. Color shades - is a popular solution for mounting the two-level ceiling of plasterboard. Photos of ceilings confirm this.

Features of the frame two-level ceiling of plasterboard

The main role is played by a metal frame for mounting two-level ceilings. The principle of the frame assembly remains the same as in the single-level ceiling installation. But in this case you will have to collect a separate frame for each level.

The complexity of multi-level frame depends on the complexity of shapes of the second tier conceived. For the manufacture of the frame under the appropriate figure sometimes requires more species profiles. That is, for this purpose, not only profiles CD, UD, and profiles of the CV and UV.

However, mounting the ceiling bilevel possible with the conventional frame when the second cut level required shape and are screwed directly to the first layer of drywall. Such ceilings are mounted in low areas.

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