Subtleties of care plastic construction

In this article, we will tell you about the intricacies of caring for a plastic window, but first remember the horror with which you are aware that it is time to wash, dye, and then insulate your old wood? Agree, the process is not the most pleasant.

Installing PVC profile, you can breathe easy, because your new box is virtually maintenance free and easy to use. But do not think that right those people who think, if care is not necessary, and the functionality and beautiful views so be saved. Not.

It is easier to allocate 15-20 minutes of your precious time than to throw a lot of money for repairs. It is possible to use conventional cleaning products or buy a special set of care for plastic windows. Wash plastic construction is best to start with the simple removal of dust and dirt.

Due to the fact that the surface is smooth, you do not have to suffer, as it was with wooden windows. You will need only a piece of soft cloth or sponge, if you select microfiber, is much easier to imagine task, because not all have to re-wash, removing particles of lint, besides, microfiber does not fade and does not rolls.

Do not use detergents which contain abrasives, alkali, alcohol or acetone. In this composition you only do harm to the material from which made the profiles. Suitable simple soap solution.

In the lower part of the structure are arranged drainage holes. Do not forget to remove the dirt and from there, because the accumulation of dust can lead to clogging. Pay attention and rubber coating, which is located on the perimeter sashes and frames. Make sure that the insulation does not lose elasticity. To do this, moisten it with special tools can be used on the basis of glycerol. to do such cleaning 2 times a year. Thus, you will extend the service life of your window and get extra protection from rain and drafts.

Let us turn to wash the most visible part of the main - windows. In any case, do not use sharp objects to remove any plaque from the surface. With the advent of scratching the window transparency greatly dims. Use normal detergents for dishes, glasses. We recommend to test and test on a small area, the surface reacts to the cleaner.

Do not forget about the care of the accessories. To keep the correct operation, to start just follow the rules of operation that must be applied in addition. The most basic - do not hang clothes on the handle, for this is a special place. Do not complicate your life. And of course, lubricate moving parts (can be machine oil), which ensures the stable operation of the system.

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