How to replace the brick masonry yourself

The masonry can be replaced with separate blocks for new ones. The ability to update the wall - this is one of the advantages of a brick building. The need for such substitution can occur if, for example, in the wall appeared slight damage or stains manifest.

To replace the ceramic products to be initially buy a brick in the right quantity and prepare it for operation. After this it is necessary to remove from the masonry replaceable element.

Using a small hammer and chisel to knock you need a damaged brick. You can apply for this and meat tenderizer. When working with a hammer and chisel is desirable to drill a first hole in the brick layer in the surrounding solution. This will facilitate the process of dismantling. The larger the resulting hole, the faster and easier it will be to remove the bricks.

First, it is necessary to break the layer of the solution, and thereafter remove the wall member, breaking it to pieces. Remains of the old masonry mortar must be completely removed. The walls of adjacent bricks, which will remain in place should be rinsed well with water.

The next phase - installation of a new brick. It is necessary to knead the solution and put it on the bottom of the formed cavity and its wall. Solution layer should be uniform and be at a thickness of about 2 cm. Then you need to take a new brick and apply two-centimetric solution layer on the upper portion thereof. Brick must be carefully inserted in its place and then moving it from side to side set so that he was on a par with neighboring elements.

If the process is difficult to perform manually, it is possible to line established with ceramic handle trowel. Around the bricks must tread excess solution. If it does not, you need to take it out and put a little more mixture. Otherwise, the mixture layer would be insufficient for quality connectors. If the solution is made, it means that the thickness is sufficient. Speakers need to remove the excess with a trowel.

Fancy-work can be done after 30 minutes. The first step is processed by vertical seams. After that, proceed to the horizontal. Grouting is performed dipped in water tool.

It is necessary to hold the seam tool with slight pressure to remain shallow concave mark. Extruded jointing should be cleaned with a trowel. After that, it is necessary to remove the traces of the solution with a brick. With this purpose coarse fabric pieces, e.g. burlap. Cloth moistened with water, and until the mixture is frozen, it scraped the wall.

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