The basic materials for the construction of a bath with his hands

Regular visits to the baths brings invaluable benefit of the human body health. Due to the hot steam is enhanced blood circulation, activates the metabolism and removes toxins. In addition, the bath is recognized as one of the best ways to lose weight and get rid of cellulite. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to regularly bathe in the bath, especially with respect to consumers, who spend most of their time in a country house. Therefore, the best solution would be a self-build steam.

So, we are building a bath with his hands. Initially, for the erection of buildings necessary to choose the most suitable place and purchase building materials. Bath, like any other thorough construction must be built on a solid foundation. For the preparation of concrete mix required cement, lime, crushed stone and water. If necessary, you can use special impurities that increase frost resistance and reduces the negative effects of moisture. An important aspect in the construction of such buildings will be to ensure high-quality waterproofing. Good hydrophobic materials for the bath are: steklovoylok, metalloizol, glassine and foil insulating.

In order to ensure the strength of the construction of buildings baths with their hands must be made of high-quality stone materials. As a rule, in large baths using different types of brick, depending on the application site (plinth, trim, masonry). Determining the type of stone and the calculation of the amount of each item of brick is best left to professionals. With regard to solid wood, you can use any breed for the construction of baths. The most affordable and decent in quality are conifers.

The choice of roofing depends on the financial possibilities of the future owner of the bath and on the requirements for the durability of construction. Nevertheless, the building materials market are constantly emerging new low-cost solutions that ensure a long service life and no need for regular maintenance. So before you go for the purchase of building materials, it is advisable to study the proposals of the current market and to consult with professionals. Only in this way will be able to save money and become the owner of high-quality baths, which over the years will give the health of the entire family.

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