How to prepare the wall for painting

For painting works should be attributed all that is connected with putty and paint.
So, you have a wall (plastered) ready for further finishing. If your choice fell on the decoration of walls with wallpaper, it is necessary to perform putty walls "under the wallpaper." It provided that the plastered wall corresponds to the quality, to be sufficient one finishing layer fillings e.g. vetonit LR +.

Operating procedure:
The wall surface must be free from defects in the plaster, primed, dry. Dilute the mixture putty (should follow manufacturer instructions).

The finished mixture is applied to the wall from bottom to top, trying not to leave so-called "sagging", it is important to try to keep as a thinner layer possible. The applied mixture must razravnyat x-shaped movements. Thus we put putty on the wall. We give it to dry and proceed to sanding. Grinding achieve an absolute smoothness of the wall that remove the "bumps", "dissolves" and other irregularities.

An important factor is the presence of "flaw" - searchlight with halogen lamp, it shows you all the existing defects as the teacher points a laser pointer!!! Let us say at once - grinding not the most pleasant experience, but it made the result depends. If you have decided to limit the wallpaper after grinding and check the surface of walls "flaw" should be carried out dedusting and priming the walls (walls). After that, the wall is ready for wallpapering!

If you want to prepare the wall for painting, then you should apply another layer shpatlevki- finish at the finish line! We recommend for this purpose finished putty mixture SHETROCK it has a fine fraction and gives the best results when painting.
application of that procedure is, well, everything else will have to repeat (sanding, dedusting and primer), now the surface of your wall is ready for paint!

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