The sequence of building a cellar with their hands

A good cellar is considered spacious and dry cellar. Therefore, in order to build it, it is necessary to correctly choose the place and dig a trench right. Special attention is required insulation and finishing facilities.

For the construction of the cellar in the home you will need: a hammer; shovel; nails; croaker, to sheathe the walls of the cellar; clay and schebonka to lay the floor in the cellar; roofing felt or tar paper roof.

Also, the residual part in the construction of the cellar there are situations where it dig its own does not work. In this case, comes to help track excavator or other similar agricultural mechanized equipment.

The sequence of building a cellar with their hands:

1. You need to determine the place where you will dig a cellar. See you need on the terrain, convenient approach to it, and the level of groundwater.

2. Should dig a foundation ditch, making small slopes slopes.

3. The walls of the pit are edged slab can be of other materials at hand.

4. Cellar floor layer is placed in 10 cm tightly kneaded clay and gravel is added. Top is processed with lime grout.

5. Constructed ceiling. To do this, from the poles is a horizontal reel and coated with a mixture of straw and clay. Top covered with soil. At the same time we should not forget about the arrangement of the cellar ventilation.

6. Construct gable roof edging planks, roofing, slabs or roofing material.


If the cellar walls are not sheathing boards, the land begins to crumble, which would create the worst conditions for storage of winter vegetables. In this case the products may promorznut.

In the ceiling thickness should not be less than 30 cm. So it will not freeze stored vegetables. cellar roof is necessary to cover the pit somewhere on two feet. Because of this, rainwater will flow in the direction of, and in the cellar will not fall.

Useful tips for the construction of the cellar with their hands:

Excavated in June and July, when the weather is usually dry and ground water will leave a considerable depth.

The level of ground water table is determined by using special probes or vegetation. Where a lot of horsetail, horse sorrel, sedges and reeds, and where the swarming gnats cellar is better not to dig out the small depth of the groundwater.

Pit depth must be not less than 1.8 m, and a width in the range from 2.2 to 2.4 cm.

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