Leveling plaster walls with his own hands

Tragically, but the walls in new buildings and old houses are not of high quality and evenness. Therefore, in order to make high-quality repair and create the perfect design of the room, you must first remove the defects of the walls. There are many ways to solve this problem, but the most proven and practical is the alignment of the plaster walls. It should be noted that this method is recommended for use in the event that the wall is not skewed more than three centimeters, if the skew and the defect is greater is better to use a method using drywall.

The necessary materials and tools to align with plaster: mortar; generally; lighthouses; bucket; Master OK; putty knife; primer mixture; rope ist or roller, building level.

Before you carry out the work on alignment, it is necessary to establish a slope that will guide wall inclination in the future and show the slope wall in the present. To do this, use the rope. After plumb aligned to the construction level, is attached to the wall metal lighthouses, reconciled the slope, as well as the construction level. Beacons must be vertically below 90 degrees at the end point of the wall.

By carrying out counting should start primer wall surface and the plaster mixture to batch. To prepare wall to equalize with its surface swept dirt and dust. Then, using a roller or brush thick wall is impregnated with a priming mixture. This mixture is necessary in order to plaster the surface firmly grappled. Therefore, to plaster over time is simply not collapsed. Once the primer is applied in several layers on a wall, allow time for its drying and absorption. Thereafter, it is possible to start to equalize the wall surface.

For this purpose, the granular mixture was poured into a bucket of water and poured, as indicated in the instructions, then stirred with a mixer until the mixture until the bucket does not become lime, thick and homogenous. This gray mass gain trowel and throw on the wall, bottom floor paved with recommended paper to slipping particles not spoiled plaster flooring. Plaster coat lashes so long as the plaster does not reach the level of lighthouses. In the event that a layer of plaster expected more than one centimeter, before equalization, to the wall is necessary to attach a reinforcing grid.

When the layer thickness is lined with beacons Proville plaster is spread on beacons. Thus, a smooth and solid wall layer, which subsequently can be decorated with paint, whitewash or wallpaper.

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