How to paint your own ceramic tile

After moving into a new apartment, there is a high probability that you do not like the color of tiles left over from the previous homeowner repair. You do not need to immediately grab to make repairs, to break up is still relatively new tile and put a new one. You can simply repaint the surface, thereby giving it a more aesthetic appearance, this option would be less labor-intensive and more cost-effective.

The required set of tools for self-painting ceramic tiles:

- scrubbing brush;

- means for cleaning the surface;

- a special ceramic paint;

- a set of building brushes and rollers;

- high-quality primer.

Sequence of operations during ceramic tile painting:

1. With a brush and means for cleaning the surface to remove any dirt from the tiles, carefully go over the seams, try several times to walk on the surface, because the local pollution remove after application will much harder. Followed equip cloth and wrap it a piece of wood or any hard object rectangular shape. This combination will allow you to polish the tiled surface, and that you should do after the removal of dirt. Polishing only discontinue after the surface roughness of feel and lack smooth sliding.

2. Again using a set of brushes clean dry surface from dust produced after polishing. Degrease, it can be done both with a special solution and with the use of industrial alcohol. Try to treat the entire surface, especially the joints between the boards, because it is in them accumulates the greatest amount of dirt and grease. Wait for complete drying of the surface and apply it on the primer layer.

The primer should be used instead of a regular, and with high penetrating ability and resistance to moisture. Be careful during her choice, otherwise all the work will come to nothing and soon will have to redo everything, using high-quality products.

3. You also can not forget about the quality of the paint, because it has to resist moisture well, in that case, if your tile to be in the bathroom or kitchen. For these needs, it is best to get a special paint based on latex, which can be safely wash with detergent low activity.

4. Take the roller and begin to apply paint to the surface. It is best to apply thin layers of paint, it is so they will lay down evenly and at the output you get excellent adhesion of paint to the primed surface. Prior to applying the next layer of latex paints, wait for complete drying of the previous layer. If you can not put on the paint on any area with a roller, then use a set of brushes.

Often the drying time of the paint manufacturer indicates on the label. Painting ceramic tile is often sufficient to apply 2-3 thin coats. Strictly follow the instructions written above and you are sure to achieve the desired result.

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