Fashionable coat for the walls with his own hands

Modern apartment owners are trying to make a fashion to repair their homes, which will vary their individuality and aesthetics. In doing so, they help manufacturers. They offer a wide range of different finishing building materials.

When choosing materials for decoration of their apartments, many guided by an interior fashion. In one recent actual finishing inner surfaces of the walls of dwelling considered decorative plaster. I think this is one of the available methods of finishing the walls with his own hands. The range of this material, "Venetian", structural plaster, stone chippings and others.

The advantage of this type of wall finish - ease of application to complex structures and surfaces. She can decorate the semicircular walls, niches, arches, columns, beams and other uneven ceiling and wall design. To work need master textured roller, brush and spatula. As a result of the application of a person to receive a seamless smooth and uniform surface on which you will not see small cracks and different flaws.

Before heading to the store to buy everything for the walls, you need to decide what colors to choose from. Typically, the color depends on the style in the design of the room, lighting and destination. Also, shades range from light to dark according to the size of the room.

For large rooms with good lighting should not choose too light-colored, and for small and cramped - dark. Even before going to the store, you should make measurements of surfaces that you plan on plastering. It is necessary to relate the amount of the purchased material.

The store offers several types of decorative plaster on a different basis: acrylic, styrene-butadiene, styrene-acrylic, polyvinyl acetate. The most reliable and stable of these are considered coatings based on PVA (polyvinylacetate dispersion). If you are interested in this plaster its price do not be afraid. Decorated with the help of the surface for a long time will decorate your walls, because it is resistant to sunlight and high temperature, non-yellowing, have good water vapor permeability and moisture resistance. With its help it is possible to create a one-color surface with accurate color highlights.

It should also be noted that every kind of modern stucco wall covering has a way of drawing. Therefore, if you have a burning desire to try their hand at this art, you study carefully the instructions for use, and to make sure you can look for videos on the Internet or ask to arrange a master class familiar to you wizard.

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