A man and a repair is quite compatible

Our discussion today will focus on the role of men in the repair and construction of housing. This role is great, but without mastering the features of male psychology very soon it may acquire a negative sense.

That is why we strongly recommend you to analyze the behavior of his men well, and, if possible, to show him attention and indulgence.

Everyone knows that men and women have different styles of behavior. This is easily explained by the fact that before women and men are completely different biological problem.

The task of the fairer sex - Play and raise healthy children and strong - providing power this most offspring and protection of the territory habitat of the family. In modern conditions the struggle for food is reduced to finding a job. But the "protection of the territory" - is nothing more than a desire for men to save themselves in their home status quo.

So if you got extremely dirty socks, reclined under the seat, or a pyramid of different little things on the desktop husband think carefully before you "cut" for this is a Blessed or, worse, something to throw away without his authorization. By doing this you are risking to hit her husband in the heart, because you just destroy the foundation of his future self!

What all these stories? And besides, that the repairs for men - this is a lot of stress, and please do not forget about it.

If you're determined to make alterations in their home, then the period of negotiations with her husband pull the impressive period of time.

Rule number one: a firm "no" to all sorts of demands and ultimatums. Only tender requests and stories about the power of your desire to make repairs will conceive action.

Rule number two: Do ​​not take the decision to do what is your apartment in the end. Tell your spouse about vision, concept and always ask his opinion.

When your spouse agrees with the need to internally repair, he will want to make changes in his cabinet.

If your area of ​​the apartment does not allow to allocate a separate room for my husband, you can just put a separate table or to separate some space with the help of drywall. It would be a desire, as they say!

And most importantly, do not expect that your husband will be as active as you participate in this business.

Do not forget: the repair was necessary, first of all, you. That is why in the name of peace and comfort in the house of a man you need to remove the choice of various household trifles. After all, they are very important for a woman! It is best to paint all kinds of forthcoming works and together determine that the woman will get from this list, and that - a man.

Of course, in any renovation there comes a stage when no man simply can not do from a physical point of view. This and the various handling operations, and such a thing as an electrical design, and replacement of plumbing.

Even in the case of the involvement of professionals, (and it is usually what happens), you must consult with a man. Harmonization of redevelopment - the same place that you have to solve together. It is also necessary and constant control by the progress of repairs. Very good idea to bring a spouse to address the issue of housing lighting.

Well, a real man, pray tell, do without a good set of tools that you can buy from an authorized dealer Makita https://makita-magazin.ru/. So it is quite possible that the forthcoming overhaul will encourage your husband to upgrade or expansion of the available composition of the various nozzles, drills and so on. D.

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