Overview cheap chainsaw STIHL MS 180-35

Chainsaw Stihl MS 180 intended for harvesting tree trunks with a diameter of 35 cm. Light weight and impressive power allow us to speak about it as one of the leaders in the market segment of the profile. You can use it for logging and thinning undergrowth and in the implementation of construction and firewood for the winter.

Chainsaw Stihl MS greatly facilitate any work. It fits comfortably in your hand, start up quickly and is virtually impossible to negative effects of the environment. Thus the tool can work in cold weather. The cost of a chainsaw is not great, only 11 990 rubles at the 1 year warranty. At the end of the article we present specifications of the model, and videos.

Benefits chainsaw: brake QuickStop for instant stop chain. Chain brake QuickStop - a defense mechanism when working with chainsaws. The chain brake is activated by pressing the front palmrest and in fractions of a second the chain stops. When a strong enough impact the chain brake QuickStop It fires automatically.

chain lubrication system Ematic. System STIHL Ematic It includes Ematic guide bar, the chain Oilomatic and oil pump with adjustable feed. The special design of the tire and chain makes every drop of oil to get it to where it is needed for lubrication. This makes it possible to reduce oil consumption by 50%.

Single lever control. These functions of the machine, the cold and hot start-up, operation and shutdown, controlled by a separate lever. This makes handling particularly comfortable and safe, since the right hand is on the handle.

Anti-vibration system. Strong vibrations in the handle area can lead to chronic circulatory disorders in hands. Therefore, STIHL has developed a highly effective anti-vibration system (AS). Tools with AC engine vibration transmitted to the handle is markedly reduced.

Compensator. compensator STIHL - regulatory body in the carburetor - provides an almost constant engine power, exhaust quality and fuel consumption for a long time in spite of the increasing pollution of air filter. Clean the air filter is only required if tangible power decrease

Specifications STIHL MS 180-35

Chain speed of 19.1 m / s; Recommended bar length of 35 cm; Fuel tank for oil 0.3 liters. Weight 4.7 kg; Engine power 2 hp Displacement 31.8 cm3; Engine type 2-stroke; Fuel tank 0.4 l. Fuel Gasoline RON 92 c oil for two-stroke engines; Chain pitch 3/8 inch; Bus width groove 1.3 mm

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