If you have a small balcony

So the people has become a tradition that the balcony - this is the second closet. All unnecessary items found their refuge there for years to come. Then there just is not: bicycles, empty cans and not just the old stuff, skating with sticks, bundles of old newspapers and books pritrushennye dust. However, not everyone knows that this space can bring many more benefits than just the warehouse.

For example, you can use the balcony as a place where you can relax with your favorite book, swaying in a rocking chair. It is enough to make your own tea and opened the window to enjoy the sunshine. When the pair of compact shelving or cabinets to help hide unnecessary things.

Balcony can be used as an office to work at home. This will require a chair and table for your computer. Even a small balcony will allow to organize for themselves a separate room to work, especially if you have a small apartment, and nowhere more so retire, so not to disturb anyone. And on the walls, you can do a few shelves, on which you can place the required processing accessories.

However, if you have a large balcony, it can be turned into a dining room. Meals can be prepared in the kitchen and meal move on to the balcony. You will need only two or three chairs and a small table, and storage appliances and utensils can be placed nightstand.

There is also a great solution for people who like to do something with their hands. A small workshop on the balcony will allow you to do things you love, the comfort of the apartment. This idea will appeal to people who are fond of sewing, modeling or painting. It is very convenient that you can always aerate your workshop.

If your cottage is located far outside the city, the small greenhouse can be arranged directly on the balcony. This may require additional lighting and heating, but the result is worth it. Now you have fresh vegetables all year round, without leaving home.

Often seen as the balcony was converted into a home greenhouse. If equipped with a large number of shelves, you can place a lot of pots with flowers. It is very convenient to take care of them, and the natural light and fresh air will be most welcome.

If you have a child, it is possible to organize a children's playroom on the balcony for him. Now all the toys will be in one place, and in the summer you can even arrange a mini-water park with inflatable pool. The main thing is to think in advance about the baby's safety.

If you've always dreamed of having a gym, all you need to do - is to put on the balcony of the treadmill and to fix the horizontal bar. Now, in the summer you can practice outdoor sports and in winter it will be easy to ventilate your mini-gym.

During the warmer months you can soak up the sun on the balcony, putting the chaise longue, and if you add even a mini-bar, the pleasant pastime you provided.

Thus, even if you have a balcony most modest dimensions, it can be converted into a room to relax, work or sports. All depends on you and your imagination.

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