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Our standard apartment was "lucky" we have a long and narrow room in which the children. Of course, before the repair, I studied a number of tips for correcting such strange dimensions. I'll tell you what advice I could use and what came of it.

Available room, I think, is one of the most difficult choices. The width is equal to 2, 5 m, length - 5, 6 m, height of the "trailer." - 2, 45 m At the same time the door and window are located in the end walls that It is making it impossible to reduce the length of the room by a closet-coupe along the short wall, and even more difficult placement of furniture.

The window of our room faces south, so in the morning there is sufficient natural light, but not so on the afternoon time. On this basis, it was decided to give preference bright palette of yellow or green colors. However, we wanted to get away from the pastel, it seemed something bright and cheerful for the children's space.

To visually room seemed more square shape, designers are advised to end walls to allocate as much as possible as compared to the long. To this end, finishing in shorter walls use more vibrant colors. So, when he saw in the shop wallpaper with juicy green leaves, I immediately understood - it is what we need! A balance these thickets could monochromatic yellow to the side walls.

If you arrange the furniture along the long wall, even more will be visible irregular shape of the room, so the main massive furnishings better placed at the short walls. And the furniture is desirable to choose a discreet without unnecessary decoration. Wardrobe in the end wall so be as high as possible, which will free the area of ​​the room. Low furniture is permissible to place along the long wall.

For the most economical use of space easiest way to order furniture clearly to your size, but we were able to find a ready-made wardrobe, which exactly fit into the space near the window.

In our nursery, we have identified three areas:

Near the window and the cabinet's territory that ends the swing, attached to an anchor bolt to the ceiling. These bolts but this will hang the punching bag and a house made of cloth.

Since the child is only three years old, yet the training area on a small table near the children's bookshelves (table, we still have to buy). When it's school time, most likely, will place a desk near the window, and in the center of the room to leave room for games.

The second end wall adjacent the bed. The sleeping area is located away from the window, so the day is light, suitable for the baby's afternoon nap. Note the bed is not necessary to close will not be a radiator, in the cold season to create a feeling of excessive dryness of the air during sleep.

To further lower the ceiling visually not, we have chosen the model chandeliers adjacent closely to the ceiling.

Of course, so far it completed the most basic but also the most difficult. It remains to draw the children's room decor. Plan one of the long walls to decorate shaped mirror, safe for children, to complement textile items (carpet for the playing area, the curtain of light fabric around the window). And most importantly, we are always behind the embodiment of new and interesting ideas that arise unexpectedly!

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