How to deal with the humidity in the room

Humidity and dampness, accompanied by the presence of an unpleasant smell of mold and development of fungi, poisons life tenants located at the height of high-rise buildings, as well as persons who settled residential area that is close to earth.

Mold, rapidly growing in favorable conditions for it gradually takes possession of the new territories, for which natural materials fit perfectly. The main disadvantage of the situation is that the inhalation of a person adversely affect its body of bacteria breeding in the mold promotes disease.

The people there are a number of tips on the issue of the fight against humidity. One such is, salts application board, given the ability to absorb moisture and mineral normalize its presence in the environment. According to folk recipe to combat dampness only need to place the salt in different corners of the room. In practice, however, this method is not always applicable, and the terms of combating dampness are quite large.

For those wishing to attempt to fight the effects of moisture, not the prime cause, today's market all sorts of products to eliminate unpleasant odors, offers a wide range. For example, Deltamin relating to such formulations, prevents the growth of bacteria and infections. Easy to use and diluted with water, sprayed deltamin or simply applied to all of the furnishings in the room, as well as walls and flooring. Despite the antibacterial function and the ability to deal with the smell of damp, long-term effects Deltamina not wait. Temporary removal of moisture and the smell will last about a month, and then again have to look for ways to fight. Thus, it is necessary to be patient and carefully look for the source and root cause of these unpleasant moments.

Ode of the causes of dampness can be:

Breakdown in the ventilation system in the mine buildings,

The flow pipe in the basement,

Lack of insulation on pipes equipping premises,

The need for repair work on the wall joints,

Leaking pipes and ventilation problems in the upper floors. This phenomenon can also be associated with kitchen remodeling neighbors above.

An organization dedicated to the provision of housing and communal services, on receipt of a complaint, should thoroughly check the above possible causes of humidity in the room. However, before applying for inspection, make the possibility of self-identification of the causes of so overexposed dampness and unpleasant source of the human sense of smell smell. To do this, just need to carefully inspect the walls, floors, ceiling in the room. In the presence of water infiltration below, own can be eliminated by using the existing cause vodnoschelochnogo sodium and potassium silicate, known in common as "waterglass".

Purchased for a small fee of 30-90 dollars a kilogram of "liquid glass" from the manufacturer "Admiral" or "Kleytuk" can provide special waterproofing wet rooms. In your own home, or on the first floor of the building, the tenants to combat the moisture from below, it is necessary also pour solution cement - the outer wall, and to exclude any source of water, for example - rainwater pipe.

If moisture comes due to poor insulation of pipes, this will solve the issue with the help of glass, which is characterized in that it is capable of holding a still air. This kind of heat-insulating material is easily available for purchase and is very popular. If possible, the old pipe that hardly anything to save, you can upgrade to a pipe of polyurethane foam, which is used for thermal insulation of pipelines.

If the walls of the structure are cut all kinds of cracks, seams or poorly treated walls, this problem will be more difficult to handle. But do not despair, but rather to plan work on the outer insulation of building walls. In addition, by doing thermal insulation works, we can kill two birds with one and the same shot on the spot and fight humidity and cold.

Another method of combating dampness, wherein the moisture source is originating from the earth is to use the special solution having waterproofing properties. Also suitable water-repellent paint and bitumen emulsion. Moreover, bitumen solution, it may also be used with a particular reinforcing filler for an even greater effect heat and waterproofing.

For the treatment of external walls in order to deal with dampness and its consequences need to double their water-repellant treated. It is not necessary to apply much thicker layer at the juncture seams, it should not exceed 50 mm. It is important to work out well for the entire length of the wall up to the junction with the lower part, as if pushing a substance located on a sponge. After drying the layers, it is necessary once again to handle the seams of the walls - water-repellent paint.

With this source of dampness as wall cracks appearing on a variety of reasons ranging from poor quality building plan, up to lay plaster works, it is necessary first to determine the matter, as well as what their repaired. It should distinguish between the wide and small wall cracks. First, sealed with such substances as silicone for example. After purification by cracks all kinds of dirt or dust, you would need both tamping repellent filler repaired crack, and 1, 5 cm at its edges. After drying agent is necessary to cover job epoxy material.

With regard to the elimination of smaller cracks here need a little skill and ability to work with concrete. In the presence of cracks at the base of the building, it is necessary to make a slight indentation in the outer side wall with existing cracks, this recess should not exceed 30 cm. The 5-7 cm from the wall, you need to install the vertical bars in 10x5 cm. These bars have to be 3 cm higher than the place of existing cracks. Further attached to the vertical rails 12 centimeter plywood, and the distance between the plywood and the wall propped up via manufactured wooden fortifications, filled concrete mortar. Wooden backup is removed after the concrete is completely dry.

If the source of moisture and humidity in the house or apartment is a leak in the wall, it is necessary to purchase the solution, solidifying on contact with water and a small tube. To begin, it is important to establish a rubber tube. For this to be done in the wall at the site of the leak, a small indentation and put back the handset. So that water dripping in a specific container. High-early solution on contact with water to be treated tube surrounding surface. Next, it is important to carefully remove the rubber tube and quickly plug the remaining space fast curing solution, at the same time pressing the leak - an iron rod. Within a few minutes, the solution solidifies, then it will be possible to remove the rod.

Do not forget that address the root causes of such a nuisance, as moisture from the concomitant effects, it is very important to do in the room disinfection work, as well as, from time to time to check the problem places in structure.

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