Barbecue to give: forged metal, made of brick, outdoor barbecues

Barbecue for garden It is the most simple and functional device that is used for barbecue. Modern manufacturers offer a large enough range of products, so the right choice is not always easy. Today, there are three main types of barbecues for the garden - disposable, folding and stationary.

Disposable outdoor barbecues suitable for those who go to the cottage is very rare in the absence of the possibility of carrying heavy things. The design is made of aluminum foil, it is already equipped with a grill and charcoal aluminum grille, It allows you to cook up to three kilograms of shish kebab, and then burns and comes in full disrepair. The advantages of this option are the low cost, portability, ease of operation.

Foldable model It resembles a suitcase which, when converted into a small opening of a metal grill. The whole construction is lightweight and compact, it is easily possible to carry on a site. The disadvantage is that very thin walls of the brazier and with simple wood they can easily burn. In order to provide maximum service life, it is necessary to use a simple charcoal, igniting it outside barbecue, and then laying inside.

Stationary barbecue brick It is ideal for a summer residence, where residents come very often, and regularly fried skewers. Structure is made of steel, whose thickness is at least 8.6 millimeters, therefore, is durable, resistant to very high temperatures.

forged barbecues quite heavy, but they are not made for hiking, so it is difficult to attribute the shortcomings. When you select should not pay attention to the ink color and the brightness of the model - a layer of paint still fast oblezet under high temperature, so it looks better on the strength and quality of performance, ignoring external view.

The choice of a model of barbecue depends on the frequency of use and operating conditions. But, regardless of the requirements, it is desirable to give preference to only high-quality products, which will last a long time and will enjoy the convenience, comfort of use.

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