Tips for laying ceramic tiles with their hands

Before you start to lay ceramic tile, carefully prepare the surface on which it is located. The substrate must always be smooth and durable. If you have a warped surface, it is better before laying the tiles, remove all irregularities.

On a flat and smooth surface of the tiles will fall much stronger and more beautiful. Just try to avoid various dirt, dust and grease. It's all bad for the process of installation of ceramic plates.

Then work tile adhesive. First you need to pour dry adhesive into a container where you can freely mix the solution. It is desirable that it was a bowl with high edges, it will help you avoid solution spots throughout the home.

Dry adhesives must be mixed with water until a homogeneous mass. Mixing can be carried out both manually and mechanically. After five minutes of adhesives can be used. After remixing the adhesive is able to maintain its properties over 5 - 7 hours. Here you can find even more information about tiling.

Once you have prepared the surface and adhesives, can proceed with tiles laid out. For this we need the following tools: electric drill, steel float, rags and crosses with a rubber mallet. When using a steel trowel solution was applied and rubs it for a certain portion of the surface. We spread pritku and pass through it gently with a rubber mallet. Do not make the strong shocks, as it can move the plate.

Crosses, we need to ensure that the tiles would control the distance from each other and to fix a certain angle. When the solution is still fresh, try to remove all the excess adhesive, then it will be harder to do. Once all the tiles will be laid out to dry and adhesives, can shoot daggers.

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