Ranking of the best paints to paint slate

Someone chooses a metal roofing, some prefer the French "Ondulin" (just because he reminds our usual slate), someone like "Katepal" and similar soft materials roof.

Today, the choice of roofing materials on the market is big enough, and can be so rare the buyer is looking towards the slate - it is gray, ugly and beautiful against the backdrop of new roofing materials lost.

Only here there are all these beautiful and new materials is not cheap. And still have to pay for the work almost as much as for himself roofing material. So, before you decide to change the old roof or cover new - think of it more than once.

And what if the funds did not have any of the new modern materials for the roof and roof cover all necessary care? And then it is necessary to recall the slate. Than he that bad?

Ugly and gray? So it is fixable. It contains asbestos, and the particles' pylyat "environment? And it can be corrected. You need to just paint paint, designed specifically for the slate. All manufacturers of such paint in one voice assured that after that the slate will cease to "dust" of asbestos. It will not do him thick paint film.

Special paints for slate offered to both foreign and domestic manufacturers. They all applied by brush, roller or conventional spray. Let's start with the foreign colors.

"Kilpi" - covering for roofs based on acrylic (Tikkurila, Finland).

Use for dyeing roofing, tile, bituminized fiber boards, slate and the like. D. At low temperatures, it is flexible. Flow: 1-2 m 2 / L. Tinting: S.

«DACHBESCHICHTUNG» - paint for roofs (manufacturer «DUFA», Germany).

Semi-matt paint for painting the roof from tile, concrete, clay and slate. The coating passes the water vapor serves as protection against weathering. High adhesion and durability if properly prepare a base. Flow rate: 7 m 2 / l.

«ETER AKVA» (production of «Baltic Color» Group, a joint project of the Swedish concern ALCRO BECKERS AB and Finnish TIKKURILA OY).

Matt alkali-resistant, water-emulsion paint on modified acrylate. Intended for painting concrete plinths, asboshifera and other surfaces that require alkali-resistant paint, as well as to repair surfaces, previously painted. Flow: 4-8 m 2 / L.

Before painting the surface it is recommended to be primed. Drying time in a temperature of + 23 ° C and humidity 50% - dust - 0, 5 hours if recoating - 24 hours. Colors: white. Basic paint - A C.

POLIFARB - AKROFARB (manufacturer company «Debiza», Poland).

Paint is made of acrylic dispersions used for coloring of the facade and roofing slate plates and glinotsementnyh. Drying time: 3 hr. Consumption - 1L. 5-7 m 2.

"AKRILAKMA Slate" - paint for slate Acrylic water-dispersion basis (Ukraine, "Lakme").

This dye is represented in the form of suspensions of pigments and fillers in acrylic and alkyd mixture of aqueous dispersions with the addition of different adjuvants. It is intended to impart protective and decorative properties of roofing slate, the products of asbestos and asbestos to prevent migration into the atmosphere from asbestos cement products and keeps them from destruction. It gives roofing slate and other asbestos cement products beautiful appearance. On the surface film matte smooth homogeneous. Color: red-brown, brown. In single layer coating flow rate: 140-160 g / m 2. Drying duration: up to 3 degrees of drying at a temperature of 18-22 ° C lasts no more than 1 hour. At a temperature of 18-22 ° C is fixed to the static resistance of the coating to water, at least 48 hours.

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