The owner of an apartment for a long time did not believe that he had made such a mistake in the repair of the toilet. error Photo.

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We often become hostages of their carelessness, and sometimes find it, the first time is very angry with themselves on others, this duratsiky subject, yes to everything, but most often laugh a couple of hours on this with friends.

This is what happened with the owner in this apartment.

Due to the breakdown in the bathroom sink, and it was a water leak in the toilet, the owner spent more than three hours while trying to cope with her, and at one point he had to dismantle the toilet itself, deal with the problem and put everything in place, a man with pride boasted of his work, and only after a while realized what a serious mistake was made when he decided to retire to the bathroom room.

Take a look at the photo and you'll understand everything. Judging by the photos, a man when dismantled the toilet at the time of repair, accidentally locked the door, and before you start installation zanovo- not closed it, and it turns out that now the bathroom door can not close, will have to remove the toilet again.

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And you got into such a situation?

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