Facade tiles - ideal

Perhaps, every homeowner is experiencing some difficulties associated with the choice of type of lining, because the cladding material presented on the market in a wide variety. In addition, even the most expensive material for the repair can be replaced by cheaper counterparts - its external indicators are not much different. In particular simulation facade tiles have excellent performance characteristics.

Our ancestors as facade tiles used natural stone, whereby the structure seemed solid and respectable. Then came the era of granite. This artificial material has won the trust of developers because of its useful properties such as high strength, water resistance and durability.

The high cost of natural stone cladding is largely due to technical difficulties in processing the material. Successfully solve this problem it could granite that pretty quickly takes the desired shape and therefore has a significant advantage in price. Quality facing facade tiles from the manufacturer will be cheaper than in stores.

The best alternative acts facade tiles, as this building material can be easily deformed and retain their original properties for years. Usually facade tiles may be in the form of bricks, natural stone, bricks, hand-formed, clinker. At the same time all of these options have a very democratic value that can not be said of the "originals".

The raw material for the production of facade tiles are a variety of materials:

•concrete. Lining material of concrete created by using block-making technology. Since the concrete facade tiles has a relatively light weight, its installation is quick and effortless. Recent developments make it possible to paint like the tiles in any color;

•ceramics. As a rule, the material for the repair is made of clay, with the same technology as the brick. Practically impossible to distinguish it from the present brick;

• granite. This material is a ceramic origin and in its time has come to replace natural stone. Facade tiles of granite is made up of clay, quartz and feldspar. Very successfully replicates natural characteristics of the material, moreover has high strength, resistance to temperature changes. The service life of such tiles reaches at least 150 years;

•a natural stone. This material is very expensive, and points to the viability and the high position of the building owner. All natural stones (marble, granite, travertine, porphyry, etc.) For manufacturing facade tiles characterized by durability, while only work with them are highly masons. The problem is that natural stones have a heavy weight, which makes the installation of the tiles difficult and cumbersome process.

Choosing tile facade, you can save on the purchase of solid bricks, and the costs of the foundation. This is explained by the fact that the foundation does not have further enhanced by the low weight of the front tile. It sets quite easily and it uses little of the solution, so the facade tiles is very advantageous material for the repair and installation of building facade.

In addition, tile prevents the penetration of moisture into the house, the negative impact on the construction of ultraviolet and adverse atmospheric phenomena.

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