Do not return the loan when mortgage: what to do

It's no secret that the main arguments against taking out a loan is when you will not be able to repay it. Life is full of surprises, so none of us is immune from such a fate. If the situation you touched, the first thing you need to stop panicking and weigh all the options available to you.

Firstly, according to the law, if the borrower's inability to repay the loan is only temporary, it is possible to defer payments for this period. Revising the mortgage agreement and discussed everything with the creditor bank can come to a consensus without losing their homes. If the borrower is no longer able to repay the credit rate set, the only solution is to sell the property taken under the mortgage. Money from the sale go to the bank repayment of costs, which had arisen in the course of providing you with housing, as well as, of course, for repayment of the loan. Remaining after all the manipulation amount is transferred to the borrower. property held for sale either voluntarily or by a court order. In the first case the borrower and the lender by mutual agreement make the sale of housing, in the second case you waiting for court proceedings and as a result, in most cases, all ends well as the sale property.

The worst solution to this difficult situation is to try to hide from the lender. This event always entail a lot more problems, namely the supply of bank claim, in which you will have, in addition to the already existing amount, to pay a fine rather big. I do not think that if you have not found, then nothing can be done. In addition, this act is considered a serious offense, so you can simply not get one as soon as an administrative fine.

What decision will be the most faithful in this case? You need to notify the bank about their situation. If you do not want to lose credit, but it was a good idea to also offer a new payment schedule, which would be within your reach. In this case, your bank will do you for a meeting, and your troubles will be settled. Do not forget that the proceedings for the bank is just as nerve-wracking as it is for you, because in the end they lose and the client, and your time. A good opportunity to cover debt repayment mortgage is to take a credit card with an interest-free period of 50 days or more. Banks now offer cards with charge up to 10 percent on the balance of the card is a good option Tinkoff Black.

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