Highlights when working with screws

Without screws can not do, if you need something to connect or hide. It is very important to correctly determine the choice of fasteners, since it must fully comply with a certain type of work undertaken.

In addition, not less than hiring the right tools, such as screwdrivers. If you take this device is not suitable size, there is a high probability of damage to the slot on the bonnet fasteners. And after this damage to tighten further the screw will not succeed.

On the fasteners market now presents a huge number of screws, their appearance is entirely dependent on whether they are intended for use with any material. For example, screws which are applied to the wood, have a sharp tip. Thanks to this material they enter as a wedge, ie the splitting of the wooden base. In working with wooden structures is recommended before tightening the fasteners, make a hole in advance.

The reason for this recommendation is that in self screwing screw exposes, matter heavy load, damage may occur as a result. What would have happened, pre-drill a hole is necessary. And this should be done for each screw is screwed. Perform necessary aperture can using a special tool which has the name "countersink". In one working reception of this device can drill a hole at any terminal, and perform a small recess for the screw head.

As an end result, fasteners sits very firmly and completely product surface is not damaged. It is also possible in the process of drilling holes with a drill to use than, both manual and electric.

When drilling holes is necessary to ensure that it is aligned exactly at right angles to the wood surface. The width should be such that a diameter of the tip has a fastening or more, all the remaining space screw breaks itself in the process of drilling.

In order not to make mistakes and not to make too wide opening, you can use a sharp drill, with gentle pressing it necessary opening is provided. To avoid mistakes in the depth of the hole, the drill can make a mark, you can pull it off with adhesive tape. If you use an electric drill, many problems will disappear by themselves, since it is equipped with an adjustable nozzle, and it saves time.

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