How to choose a metal door?

When planning repairs, many are asking the question: how to choose a metal door. When choosing the doors need to pay attention to many details. Of great importance is the quality of the material, accessories are also very important appearance of the door.

Which is better: ready or doors made to order?

Experts say that the highest quality doors are made according to individual projects. The door, made to order, will fully meet customer requirements exactly fit in the allotted space and will blend in with the finished home.

In addition, this door provides security holders, as according to the customer it can be installed additional security system. Product Production time for custom order is 5-25 days. When ordering a door, it is better not to save money - the more expensive the product, including higher class of proof.

What door to buy - imported or Russian?

The fact that the Russian buyers prefer to buy imported goods - a well-known fact. For imported goods more confidence, they are high-quality and attractive design. However, such metal doors have one drawback - they are often the price is too high.

door cost is made up not only of the cost of materials and the trading margin - a significant part of the price is determined by the cost of customs clearance and transportation. Compared with imported Russian doors are much more affordable, moreover, in recent years, domestic companies have learned to make doors, did not concede to import both in quality and in design.

What should be the thickness of the metal?

Door frame in most cases made of metal profile. The more massive it is, the better. As for the web, then the front door is sufficient that the thickness of the metal sheet was 2-3 millimeters.

Do I need a steel plate on the inside?

Inside the metal sheet is largely enhances the design, but at the same time increases the size. Moreover, the inner sheet of metal is often difficult to access the internal elements of the door. The presence of the inner sheet does not affect the performance of proof, so that in some cases, its presence is not appropriate.

What should be the front door locks?

Lock - a key element of the front door of metal. It is recommended that the front door had at least 2 of the castle - it can make illegal entry into the house. This requires that the locks were of good quality. It is also important to lock burglary class correspond to the index of the metal door.

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