Installation of suspended ceilings in the bathroom independently

When repairing the bathrooms before you think about its design, you should consider how equipment will be installed and the plumbing. In this case, you need to consider every detail. Only a thoughtful and weighing every step, you will be able to achieve this goal. To your the bathroom was modern, beautiful, comfortable with an interesting design You can install dropped ceilingsAnd mosaics and natural stone in the bathroom will give it personality.

In order to make the right choice you should know that the bathroom is a room with high humidity. That is why, when choosing the material for manufacture of ceiling it is imperative to take into account this feature of the room, so the material should be as moisture-proof.

For this group of moisture resistant materials are: all kinds of plastic, aluminum, mineral fibers.

When you select any of the options, you never have to rack their brains over how to get rid of fungus and corrosion.

It is best to install suspended ceilings trust qualified personnel who are professionally engaged in this line of work. But if this is not possible, then you need to know the following points. To install a suspended ceiling, you will need these tools:

frame, lining material, punch, dowels, electric drill, suspensions. Buy all tools you can in our online store, which provided models of all famous brands !

themselves dropped ceilings There are such types: rack, panel, lattice, tile, cassette.

The first stage of repair is to prepare the surface of the ceiling. First of all the whole ceiling should be plastered smoothly, Then you must allow it to dry, it is impossible that there was a draft. Then we start the installation, performed in the ceiling hole us desired value or an electric hammer. Then plugs to fasten the ceiling hangers, for this it is necessary to insert the lower end of the hanger to the mounting ring. When properly installed, the suspension must be formed of the letter "T". The next and the most interesting stage of the work is the use of facing materials. Suspended ceiling in the bathroom set two types: hidden, open.

Meaning hidden ceiling installation method is that the metal profile after installation become invisible, such ceiling is considered to be continuous. In the second case, setting the ceiling surface of the carcass is divided into equal squares. This option is cost effective because it is cheaper and simpler in its execution.

For the bathroom, where we all know, the biggest humidity, it is recommended to use suspended ceilings, since they are made of aluminum, more reliable, better secured and fixed in slots. These slats are not pitted, so they will be for you much longer.

suspended ceiling very practical and convenient, it can be hidden under the wiring and all unnecessary ventilation equipment.

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