How to make a small entrance hall

It is believed that nothing match with the first impression. As a rule, it is true. And the first thing that sees people coming to visit this hall. It is here that begins to take shape the first impression about the apartment and its occupants. The entrance hall is preparing the guest to what he saw outside - inside the apartment. Well, if it is large enough, it will allow you to display their design skills to the full: choose your favorite colors, comfortable furniture and matching accessories. But those who have an entrance hall is a closet meter on "a la Papa Carlo", will have to make every effort to make it comfortable.

First of all, think about lighting. Bright light fun, uplifting. Going out into the street, we finally throw a critical look in the mirror, everything was in order, and it is possible to miss an important detail in dim lighting. Therefore, in addition to a ceiling light, it is necessary to place a floor lamp or a design easier to do - to hang a mirror on an ordinary bra.

Close, closed entrance hall is like squashing belt on the trousers: uncomfortable and want to remove and discard. However, it can look quite large, if you resort to simple methods, changing the perception of space. This can be done by means of a floor covering. If you are in the hallway carpet on the floor, put the door mat, excellent in texture, with a contrasting pattern or at least a different color. The floor above to put the best mat to the contrast with the floor. Because of these minor details hallway will appear larger.

If directly opposite the common door in your apartment blank wall, it should be properly formalized. Hang up on her mirror, and the space will not seem so closed. You can decorate the wall color, pattern, or to make a gallery of pictures. Always nice to enjoy themselves, a loved one.

In the hall it has to be a place where you could put different stuff: keys, gloves, notebooks, in short, the things that we used to lose. Interesting design rack for storage of umbrellas or modern (maybe even homemade) locker slippers and other footwear will be the alternative to the "glove" table or a shelf for all the usual on wall. For example, in a tiny hallway, two people will already feel like herrings in a barrel overflowing. It is understood that about any furniture can be no question. Therefore, decorative hooks to attach to the wall, placed outerwear and shoe rack is also used as a table for small items.

When entering the hall immediately visible open the door to the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, look involuntarily drawn to it. Not to focus on the guests 'intimate' areas, experiment with color, light and all kinds of wall decorations. A door opening review in the bedroom or the kitchen, it is best to keep private.

Do not forget about the color scheme. It is not necessary to register your little hallway in dark colors, so she will be even less. But if you instead of a hallway hall, urgently wake your imagination! It is not necessary to give up the hall in black and white colors: mirrored furniture, intricate standing hangers and floor, lined with huge black-and-white tiles.

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