Sliding garage doors with their hands

The design of the "doors" of console type that opens on rollers in the direction of opening - sliding doors their hands are the "golden mean" for installation complexity and cost of the arrangement of the garage on the background of a competitive structures. Unlike simple swing, sliding save storage space, and in comparison with sectional, device functional design does not require special skills and considerable expenses for the purchase of finished factory kit. The main thing in the regeneration of the garage - to pick up the optimum scheme and take into account the nuances of the installation with their own hands.

The design of sliding gates

The main gate at the device - to create a rigid flap which endure wind and weight loads, thus to consider that the web does not bend under its own weight. Newcomers in the construction industry it is recommended to carry out the manufacture of sliding gates tested for practice patterns and choose the model that corresponds to the technical and economic characteristics. Structurally, the gates are made up of several elements:

A tire guide - the basic structural element, which senses the load and provides a uniform and smooth running of the carriages. Typically, the bus to which is fixed frame, made of steel sheet and set filling.

Support roller gate perceive the weight and secured to the base using a stand or embedded bolts. Using the stand - the easiest and most reliable version of the assembly. Therefore it is recommended to choose a proven way how to make the most for the creation of a stable structure sliding gates - manufacture and fix the cradle element to the foundation (u-) welding or anchor bolts.

A tire with a pair of support rollers ensures stable upright position throughout the design goal.

The important structural elements that provide the correct position when closing and prevent rollover, and support roller are scavengers: top, bottom. Both catcher perceive wind load, and the lower - and even weight. If you do not plan to sliding doors to order and pay for professional installation, you will get acquainted with the peculiarities Mounting rack for trapping or capital wall structures that will ensure reliability and stability of sliding improvised gate.

Functionality and ease of operation of the gate depends on the arrangement of the budget of the garage - home-made sliding doors can be with / without automation. Option Power is more convenient, in which to open the gate sufficiently pressing the remote button. In addition, the element of comfort will save considerable time for those who go out of the garage a few times a day.

Materials and tools

For the manufacture of the frame it is recommended to use profiled tube 60h40h2 mm and for lathing - 20h20h1 tube, 5 mm. Components are selected individually, depending on the height of the blade, the opening width and weight of the gate. The easiest option selection of accessories - the use of special computer programs, where specify the parameters determined by the gate circuit ready exact calculation of the minimum permissible length of the cantilever part.

For devices with a robust design need to purchase materials for the foundation work - sand, cement, rebar, binding wire, rubble. Furthermore, the capacity required for producing mortar and preferably a mixer, as manufacturing quality mixture manually difficult. Tools for foundation works - drill, shovel, hacksaw, buckets, a hammer. For the manufacture of construction required building level, measuring tools, brush the primer / paint spray gun and power tools: drill, angle grinder, welding machine. All tools you can buy in our online store

The foundation for sliding gates

The foundation is performed on classic technology: first mark and dig a hole, then - set mortgages elements and fill with mortar. If you plan to install sliding gate with automation, it is necessary to perform additional cabling. In fact, the easiest to be implemented pier foundation by using as a material for sill pillars, steel tubes, bricks, concrete or oak lumber.

Nuances foundation works depend on the material and the length of the concrete base is calculated with the passage width. To determine the length of the foundation must be put side rollback gate length equal to half the width directions and retreat from the load-bearing structure of 500 mm. On the opposite side of the opening it is recommended to set a return pole. If you selected a brick, make sure you perform three mortgages on each pole pitch of 10 cm 50x50 mm.

When concreting pillars recommended to accurately observe the depth of the base equal to the depth of soil freezing (1m or more). For the reinforcement of concrete pillars can be used to channel width of 20 cm, and armature. The valve must be cut into pieces of 1 m and welded to u installed shelves downwards. Regardless of the material chosen, the pitch between columns is recommended to observe 4m style channel for the level of the finished floor, and keep a technological break for a set of concrete strength: at least a week, according to SNIP 28 days.

Production and installation of sliding gates

Pipes must first be degreased using a solvent and primed using a brush or spray gun. You can then proceed to the manufacture of the frame and the outer frame - shaped weld pipe in accordance with the drawing. The following milestones:

By supporting framework welded lathing step of a tube 25 cm to provide structural rigidity and guides.

Welding seams clean grinder and re-primed those portions where the protective layer is damaged soil.

After drying the soil, stain design alkyd enamel and allow to dry.

Sew selected gate material: metal, corrugated board, planks, siding. sheathing material is fixed to the inner frame by means of screws or rivets.

Run the installation of sliding gates in a particular sequence: first, to set the foundation sill rollers and carriage. Then - to roll on the carriage frame and expose the level then grab to u and scald welding roller carriage. The last step of installation - mounting the upper rollers, the installation of the end roller, fixing catchers.

The main thing in the editing stage - to prevent distortions and to control the vertical and horizontal plane using a spirit level. If the support is made of a metal pipe or a channel, then secured traps and upper rollers can be to the post. On brick, stone or concrete pillars to strengthen the elements necessary to mortgages or using dowels and anchor. Simple mounting option - ready to weld to the base platform and the fix to the ground rollers using the nut.

To ensure a smooth door travel, you must adjust the position of the roller bearings: Loosen, skate gate (open / close), remove possible misalignments and tighten the fasteners. If you are planning installation of automation, it is necessary to attach the rack to the gate leaf and install the electric drive on the manufacturer's instructions. Practical solution to ensure a comfortable temperature of the garage, a sliding gate insulation thermally insulating material, such as extruded polystyrene foam.

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