Tips on how to unfreeze water pipes on their own

We have long been accustomed to the fact that from an open tap water flowing life-giving moisture. How unpleasant surprise us with the fact when opening the tap, we do not even hear the hiss of escaping air. In winter, this means one thing - water peremerz.

Step-by-step instruction

First of all, to avoid a possible peremerzaniya water supply, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules when the device:
• proleganiya aqueduct depth must be greater than the depth of soil freezing;
• Input water pipe directly into the room should be well insulated;
• if water is used only in summer, then the winter is necessary to drain water from the pipe onto the surface. This can be done through the drain valves are located directly in the wells.
There is another method by which it is possible to protect against a sudden electricity peremerzaniya (e.g., temperature Ambient suddenly dropped below the critical broken aqueduct insulation because of the operations in the winter and etc.). It - laying next to a water supply during construction samogreyuschegosya cable. But burying money in the ground, not knowing whether or not this device is required in the next 5-10 years, impractical. Therefore, this method has not found distribution.

If, despite all efforts, yet there was something extraordinary, and the water in the pipes peremerzla how to return the water to the norm? To solve the problem it is necessary to break the ice in the pipes, turn it into the water and, thus, restore the water supply operation. Various methods for resuscitation.

If the water is made of metal pipe, and the frozen area is not very large, enough to try to connect to a pipeline welder. It must be done so that the frozen section was caught between its two ends: the mass - electrode holder. The current flowing through the metal tube, its wall will warm and the ice inside the.

In the case where it is impossible to connect the welding (water is underground, or made of PVC pipes), it is necessary to solve the problem of delivery to the place of warmth freezing and subsequent removal of melted water.
In use as a heat source hot water. It fed to the freezing of the flexible hose. For this purpose, it is best to fit a hose made of silicone - he "did not dubeet" from the cold, light and does not deform.

One end of the hose type in water and promote it to the ice formation. The second secure container with hot water. Lifting it up, create a pressure at which the hot water will reach the freezing point. The ice melts. The formed water is spilled in the outstretched under tube container.
Thawing takes a lot of time, but practically fail-safe.

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