Choosing a barbecue area for yourself

With the onset of warm weather, which of us would not want to plunge into the pleasant atmosphere of the suburban trip to the country, to hold time in the company of loved ones and friends, enjoy the exquisite taste of kebab or barbecue, cooked his hands.

That is why in recent years, more and more people want to equip part of the suburban area under barbecue, create a zone for cooking this dish, which is always a decoration of any holiday table.

For the manufacture of its barbecue you can seek the services of professionals, and you can try to do it yourself, with your own hands. If translated into plain language, the barbecue, in fact, it is what - something like a large outdoor fireplace which can be used in almost any weather.

Barbecue Oven must be designed so as to completely cover the fire from wind and rain. This differs from the barbecue grill, which becomes absolutely useless, for example, when a heavy downpour. In addition, the barbecue oven is not open the smoke, and, therefore, can sit by the fire without the risk of unpleasant odor or soak jade from constant sneezing.

With barbecue holiday cottage zone becomes a pleasure. Now it's a dream for exquisite relaxation and not for the hard work. Barbecue, cooked their own hands in the country, always a pleasure to invite your friends, or to arrange for their own family little memorable holiday.

You can pick up a nice barbecue area in furniture. Then this part of the plot to turn into a kind of cozy summer gazebo, where you can not only enjoy the food, but also to spend time in harmony with nature.

What you need to do to create on their own summer cottage a pleasant and useful thing? If you wish to enjoy a barbecue in all weathers, the first thing that is needed for the furnace device - a convenient carport. Sometimes furnace is placed in a special arbor, which should be large enough with a high roof.

The second important thing that is required for the barbecue device - it is, in fact, the very oven. Oven - in any case not BBQ! It is also not a cooker, and, of course, not the old stove. Most often, oven barbecue stack of bricks. A stone or brick oven is in general the best one arrangement barbecue area, and will serve long.

Another important point - this is a coincidence with the style in which a country house built. If you use a modern minimalist style, the oven for barbecue, built in the Asian or classic old style will not look nice.

It is also desirable to use such plants that will not close the oven itself - namely, decorative coatings, which do not grow in height. And, of course, do not build the oven close to a fence neighbors! These "technical problems" can ruin any vacation.

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