How to make a wooden floor with their hands or align existing

Create a wooden floor with their hands.

Traditional wooden floorCreated with his own hands, will decorate any room. This natural material is the custodian of the natural energy and creates additional comfort in the room.

Creating a wooden floor with their hands is impossible without the valuable advice. For laying wooden coverings must select high-quality timber in accordance with the characteristics of the premises is to be equipped. Unacceptable use of mahogany and walnut noble for flooring, for example, in the garage.

Board conifers characterized strength and durability, but the material is sufficiently versatile oak boards. It must be remembered that, for self-laying wood heater board need dry as damp or overdried board will lead to deformation of the finished wood floor. It is necessary to check that the board has been treated with antiseptic agents and flame retardants - it will increase its service life. Additional treatment with antiseptic pads and lags too will not be superfluous, because they will be the basis for the floor.

The use of quality materials will increase the lifespan of the wooden floor.

And what do those who already have a wooden floor and the effect of any circumstances it is necessary to align?

Align the wooden floor with their hands.

Over time, wood coatings have the property warp "hump" or "boat". Further operation is possible, but not aesthetically pleasing. How can I align the wooden floor?

you can use scraping or sanding machine. buy all power tools you can in our online store Despite the complexity of the work, as well as the presence of a large amount of dust and dirt, planing to reduce the thickness and load-bearing capacity of the board, but it does not solve all problems alignment. Since humidity is different at different times of the year, in time wooden floor (Showing properties of wood) will once again be in the hills and pits.

align wooden floor must drastically, for example by laying perfectly flat materials. But this procedure requires good support and reliable lag. Construction and repair of this serious and multi-level processes, but the technology of their result will please quite a long time.

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