How to make repairs on their own loggia

Each owner of the apartment, where there is also a balcony, dreams of using it to increase the living space. In order to achieve this result it is necessary to make repairs balconies. Whether you'll do the repair yourself or hire a professional team of workers, it does not matter.

The most important thing - it is the end result. Before proceeding directly to a repair, you need to take out from the balcony of all the unnecessary things. And they have every Russian person very much. After all, our people love to fill every loggia rubbish.

After you move a full order on the balcony and get rid of all unnecessary things, you can begin to assess the state of the balcony slabs and fences. If on the floor of the balcony, you will see small cracks on the urgent need to get rid of them. But first, you will need to clean the floor of debris and to remove the water-repellent coating.

Then you make a small notch and immediately watered. Then you'll need to prepare a screed of cement and sand in a ratio of 1: 3. Apply the solution to the whole plate, making a small inclination to the outer edge of the loge. Pours of dry cement screed and plaster spatula. Then we give the floor to dry. Then you need to make the alignment of the floor. To do this, take a mesh with a small cross section, the thickness of which is not more than 5 mm. We laid it on the floor loggia. Where netting and fencing must be crossed their cook.

The entire surface of the screed must be filled. It is important that the thickness of the screed must be 2 times greater than its height. Thereafter, preferably about 3 days did not go to the loggia. The next stage of repair - it is glazed. It is best if these repairs will be carried out by experts. We came to the internal repair of balconies.

To begin, you must lodge a wall in the street covered with mineral wool. The thickness of each mat should not exceed seven centimeters. Above moisture barrier can be installed. Then you can start the loggia sheathe the walls inside.

You can use the hardboard, particle board, plastic panels. Making repairs on their own balconies due attention should be given to repairing the floor. Choosing a finishing material for floors, do not forget that after laying loggia should not weigh down.

For this reason, it is not necessary to put a ceramic tile. But it is worth noting that the finishing material for the floor is necessary to choose on the basis of that for which you need a loggia.

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