Terms of Use bamboo wallpaper

bamboo wallpaper - the material is very difficult to install. Untrained person to perform this work will be difficult. So before you get to work, you need to assess their capabilities, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo material. By themselves, bamboo wallpaper original and interesting. They need not be further decorated, one can simply apply a thin layer on top of the varnish.

Experts point out a few obvious advantages of this material. With bamboo wallpaper, you can create the perfect sound insulation in the room. They are not toxic, because they include no paint liquids. This is a very practical material: it does not penetrate dirt and dust, it does not posereet over time. In bamboo wallpaper long life.

It should be noted exclusivity of this material and ease of care. Only there you can rent a room in a dormitory at a reasonable price. The disadvantages include bamboo wallpaper fear of UV as a result of its impact in a few years this material loses its initial appearance. These wallpaper quite fragile, so afraid of mechanical influences.

Damp bamboo material loses its performance characteristics. But bamboo wallpaper design It is that you can come to terms with some of their weaknesses. Gluing surface bamboo wallpaper is necessary to prepare the following tools: a plastic spatula, metal, vinyl glue scissors, a soft brush. Before starting work, it is necessary to remove from the walls of the old coating.

surface further shpaklyuyut or plaster. Then the walls should be completely dry. Perfectly flat surface do not achieve as bamboo wallpaper can hide any defects and irregularities. Before you raise the adhesive, it is necessary to cut the wallpaper to the desired size pieces.

Glue is applied on the wallpaper, and on the walls. Once connected, you can not move the wallpaper, so for better attract mates. Wallpaper glue butt. In wood, brick and concrete surfaces using liquid nails. If you follow these tips, the problems with pasting the walls with bamboo wallpaper should arise.

But in case of doubt you should consult an expert or use its services, instead of glue these wallpapers on their own. This will help keep the purchased materials safely and get a result, high quality and tastefully decorated room.

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