Recovery procedures for the floorboard

Gender is one of the most wear surfaces around the house. According to it, constantly walking, drag the furniture, put a variety of items - such mechanical stresses are not subject to any wall or ceiling. That is why the choice is recommended as a floor covering to use floorboard. It differs many advantages, one of which is able to restore the damaged portions of the coating (e.g., by grinding parquet) and continue its operation.

restoration work

restoration of parquet It is a rather complicated process. Of course, you can do it yourself, but it is better to entrust this painstaking work to professionals. Restoration work imply the need for some maintenance procedures. Planing and resurfacing flooring are among the most commonly used ways to eliminate coating defects. Buy a grinder for grinding parquet you can in our online store, which provided models of all famous brands Makita shop !

parquet planing

Planing is one of the most popular procedures for restoration of flooring. Furthermore, it is one of the most efficient and fastest ways to remove from the floor surface minor injury (abrasions, scratches). Also, this procedure successfully eliminates darkening and other similar defects on the floor. After a professional carrying out the process, you will be pleasantly surprised at the brilliance and depth of color of the floor, it will be like new.

parquet sanding It is engaged in a lot of companies. Among the variety of offers to select the most viable option. After the restoration of confidence of flooring in his house unskilled workers can be victims of poor maintenance. As a result, in the near future again have to deal with the restoration of flooring.

In any floor working layer is, as a rule, its width is about 5-6 millimeters. Each time the surface of the material is removed about one millimeter timber. Thus, after five or six resurfacing coating may spend his working layer and further eliminate the possibility of recovery. That is why it is important not to overdo it with the number of reconstructive procedures and make them every 5-6 years. Through scraping often increases the risk of damage to the starting material.

Thus, parquet planing It is an excellent way to improve the aesthetic properties of the surface of the floor covering. The main thing is not to overdo it in the frequency of grinding.

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