How to choose and install sockets and switches independently

Men who, as they say, with his hands, convinced that replace or install a power outlet is quite capable on their own. Ie without resorting to the services of an electrician. The most interesting thing in their own way they are right! Since the set outlet - and in fact the matter is not so tricky.

Although, as any responsible business, installing outlets and switches require a certain knowledge electrical, some knowledge of Electrical and certain skills to work with electrical equipment.

It happens handyman overestimating their strength. Then you have to seek the help of a qualified electrician. He is in compliance with the essential requirements will replace their own set of sockets and switches.

As a rule, the punctures occur during installation dvuhklavishnyh switches. Sometimes broken aluminum wires. Then you have to build up their conductor. Sometimes outlet simply does not hold in the wall and falls.

Handyman, if taken install the outlet or switch, should always ask to connect circuit breaker with two or three keys. And also to know how to connect the aluminum wire so as not to break them occurred. This knowledge will be of some use. After all, different wiring devices - plugs, sockets, junction boxes, fuses, sockets, switches are today in every apartment.

Of course, the hostess especially pay attention to the outlets and switches. Because these devices shall conform to the design premises. For example, the firm legrand sockets and switches not only produces easy-to-install home master or qualified electrician, but with a high degree of protection against dust, moisture, accidental entry of foreign items.

Modern buyer each year imposes increasingly strict requirements not only to the increased security of the electrical device, but also to the design of the device. And the manufacturers are trying to keep up with the times.

Offered sockets or switches in a classic style and fashion models, who can quickly replace the panel. For example, a panel of another color. This measure emphasizes individuality interior. A device with high quality and safety fulfilling its true purpose - to carry out the connection of the electrical network.

Of course, a wide range of etektrotehnicheskoy products from manufacturers such as legrand and other needs, and for the simple reason that the sockets and switches have different destination. For example, the models differ for concealed and exposed wiring.

Switches can switch a different number of chains in which electric current flows. Sockets may have a different purpose. For example, for use in a room with high humidity or in a dusty environment. Made the so-called block outlet, where you can simultaneously connect up to four electrical devices. Often these electrical products are provided with special protection against small children.

Sockets and switches are designed for a certain value of current and voltage. Their values ​​are usually to be found on the body. Install sockets and switches in a particular room you need in accordance with safety regulations. All conductive parts must be separated from contact with each other, and from accidental touch their hand.

According to the European standard, switches and sockets are marked with a special IP code. After these letters is indicated by two digits. The first shows the degree of protection against dust, the second - from moisture. Typically, the outlet or switch, installed in the living room, enough to fit IP20.

Most often switches capable of withstanding current up to 10A. Although some manufacturers produce products designed for amperage to 16A. For example, socket Legrand Valena calculated exactly the current in 16A.

Significantly, for connection to an outlet of the electric appliance plug are important characteristics. After all, if the socket is designed only for the euro-standard plug, ie with thick pins, domestic plug in it will be bad to stay. And the contact is unreliable by the electric current circuit. Therefore, when choosing the outlet need to also pay special attention to the universality of contacts within the device. And for reasons of compatibility with existing electrical devices to select a universal socket contacts. It is useful as the presence of ground contacts, but on condition that "the earth" is really there in the room. It is such an open wiring sockets are widely used in cottages and country houses.

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