Installation Ondulina own hands

The building was constructed and requires coverage. Roof impresses and is also an important aesthetic function in addition to the practical exercise. After all, you can often hear when indicate the direction: to the house with the red (blue, green) roof. True cost of materials and labor for installation of the roof - is a separate issue. If for you the price - not the most important, the use of Ondulina for your roof, because of its positive qualities, is a good solution.

ondulin It is one of the most popular choices of material for the roof. It is environmentally friendly and is a combination of cellulosic fibers and mineral fillers. In the manufacture of impregnated with resin and bitumen, and subsequently stained sheets.

Installation Ondulina own hands

The shape of the production ondulin produced in sheets or tiles. Standard sheet sizes 2 to 0, 95 meter. Tiling, respectively, smaller and suitable for the installation of the roofs of complex configuration. Weight sheet of 6 kilograms.

The merits of Ondulina set. This cost, and quite easy installation Ondulina own hands due to its light weight and size, and reduced brittleness of the material, as well as the relative ease of cutting the sheets. The downside is its flammability due to tar and bitumen. But this disadvantage can be significantly reduced if you make a special impregnating solutions.

Ondulin in the form of tiles

When buying sheets should immediately take the required number of nails for fastening. This 20-25 nails per sheet. The enclosed instructions given amount is clearly stated, but do not forget about a certain stock. During the work anyway.

When installing Ondulina with their hands should take into account some of the nuances. The sheets need to start to stack from right to left. In this case, each page will go on top of the previous one. The first number is the most important. These sheets are trimmed carefully at the roof perimeter. If this is neglected, the entire structure to the finals may be skewed. Therefore, the first row is best to first gain, and just making sure that it firmly precision performance. Then it will be easier.

stacking machinery

The second row must start with half of the sheet. Thus, overlapping the sheet will be three rather than four. Overlap should be one wave. Sheds should be 5-7 cm. sheets are fixed from the top ridge and places the formwork. If the shuttering of metal, the ondulin fastened with screws.

Sheds 5-7 cm

Joints need to reliably seal the strap. Seahorse can be arranged folded sheets. However, this work can only be done at zero temperature.

Ondulina installation on the roof is not particularly difficult, and with a little skill, and you have all the necessary tools will only take a few days depending on the roof area.

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