How can we protect the wooden battens

The application allows the lining of sufficient quality and without much difficulty to perform interior decoration in any room. It can be used even if the humidity is too big for the room is typical. Of course, the moisture lining is regarded as sufficiently serious, but still keep in mind that this material should be protected from further negative impacts.

This can be done in different ways. Pay particular attention to the protection of conduct lining is necessary to refer to the case, if it is made from the wood of coniferous species. The reason for this is that such a material can quickly darken. And the brighter the room, which used the lining of softwood, the faster it will happen.

The first step in conducting protective action against this lining is a coating material antiseptic. This is necessary due to the fact that any wood can rot if not too favorable conditions. This applies to the bunk. But antiseptics eliminate the material from all the possible bacteria and fungal spores. Accordingly, as a result of the mold just it can not appear.

Further treatment may vary. The most common method of coating a lining prior application of varnish to it, and then - the paint. Linseed oil in this case acts as a primer.

The disadvantage of this option is finishing the paint completely covers the structure of the wood, so the lining loses its aesthetic appearance. Alternatively, the paint acts as a transparent varnish coating lining. After its application the natural texture of wood is lost. But there is another problem.

Since varnish creates a completely airtight layer on the surface of the material, lining stops breathing. The result of this it is a violation of the natural ventilation of the room. Especially, some paints can be toxic. Use them in the baths and saunas at all impossible. It is worthy of protection lining method is to use glazing impregnations.

Their positive feature is that they are able to change the color of lining, while not masking its texture and without interfering with air exchange. But and protective properties of this material as a result of the rise.

Impregnating a lot of options, and aesthetic effect of their use is determined by the holding time on the surface of the lining.

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