How do I choose the doors of veneer or solid?

On what is still to choose? What do you consider to be more practical, better and last longer? The answer to these questions are of concern, perhaps, every buyer who dare to set yourself a new door.

Before you proceed to the choice of interior doors, should take into account several factors, especially the specifics of the premises. For example, areas with high humidity and bathrooms are not suitable for doors manufactured from solid or spliced, in this case, it is impossible to control the contraction or expansion.

If you flatly refuse to put something other, and simply believe that this type of door is just perfect fit in this room, it is advisable to opt for veneered array.

High-grade door in solid thing is very beautiful and worthwhile, made usually of oak or ash. In order not to happen warping wood, use specially-prepared and dried material. This type of wood is actually pretty expensive in itself, since almost 70% of the mother's, is rejected for one reason or another.

Now you understand that we should not strive for such doors and take the first available, the doors of the array can be made only to order, and possibly even a single copy.

In that case, if the doors are made as standard, you can be sure that such instances are a couple curved fiber bars, for this reason, the door may crack after a while, or even bend. Remember that on the massive door to the joints, in any case, no matter how expensive were the doors to form the slot.

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