Recommendations for the design of a small kitchen

Every housewife dreams of a chic spacious kitchen, but, unfortunately, not always dreams come true. Dimensions kitchens, in the so-called "Khrushchev", cause the majority of housewives only sighs and unprintable words. However, many prospects to change their housing at no more often due to the exorbitant cost of real estate. Therefore, in such cases, seek all possible ways to change the design of a small kitchen.

To do this, you can offer three methods:

- alterations to the kitchen;

- the use of design techniques in the interior of the kitchen;

- appointment of the change and the working kitchen space functions.

The most effective way to change the design and expansion of the kitchen remodeling is. However, this method can be applied only in cases allowed by the building structure. If space is limited so-called load-bearing wall of the building, the re-planning is not possible without the risk of serious damage to the building. If the wall is made of plasterboard or cinder blocks, then coordinate with ZhEKom and rayon architect can transfer barrier, thus increasing the kitchen area.

A more advanced embodiment is generally demolition partitions by combining the kitchen and bathroom to integrally - studio. Functional areas kitchen-studio can be identified purely visually by means of different types of floor covering, or by using conventional partitions from different materials. This space will be perceived much more spacious than the twin room.

If the kitchen has a balcony, modern technologies make it possible to include it in the kitchen area, thereby increasing the area of ​​three square meters.

If you increase the area by re-planning is not given the opportunity, you should try to increase the area, using specific design techniques.

It is very effective to use in the design of small kitchen transforming furniture. You can order food in Minsk and turn your small kitchen into a cozy place for the whole family.

Since more efficient use of a small kitchen area will allow the folding table, mounted on wall or sliding panel, which can cover the sink and become temporarily cutting board. Working surface can be made more and the windowsill. In a small kitchen does not get involved in hanging lockers, as it reduces the visual area.

Increase visual area can also use the color gamut. So designers recommend in such cases to use a light-colored walls, and tone them enough light furniture. A large number of accessories are not recommended for small kitchens, as they visually reduce the space. If you want an original way to decorate your kitchen, you can use a picture or photo - landscape with perspective in the image. The kitchen should be a lot of light, so you can not kitchen window curtain blackout curtains and place on a window sill large plants. To create a common space is very important stylistic unity of the kitchen interior design. It is not recommended to overload a small kitchen items, very different in style, texture and color.

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