Restructuring of the apartment with the union kitchen and living room with his hands. Photos Before / After.

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Repair is always difficult, long, expensive and nervously, the repair was not an exception. Restructuring of the apartment lasted not one month, but the result of the work was very worthy.

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As you can see from the photo, the owners demolished and rebuilt the wall extra bathroom, the task was to move closer to the front door entrance and at the same toilet and bathroom became a single room..

A very appartment with living room, thanks to the dismantled wall..

The result of the repair looks great, all the furniture is very stylish and modern.

Wallpaper on the wall in perfect harmony with the floor tiles, curtains and furniture.

On the floor tiles with rhombic pattern, gray color and wallpaper on the walls, too, with a rhomboid pattern, true color is mainly yellow, gray and turquoise.

This palette is perfect dilutes and refreshes the whole interior.

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The kitchen has a white facade on top and black bottom, with the apron as well laid out modern tile small size gray with different patterns, a similar effect house very interesting and obviously this is a kitchen set and the whole style of the apartment whole.

Kitchen work surface itself practically covers the entire perimeter of the room, a very large and functional kitchen turns out.

Shares with its bar lounge runoff, compact and functional solution.

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Would you like to do in his apartment this repair? Or you would like to change?

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