Repair ceiling - it is of special importance

Critically examining your own home, it becomes clear that it's time to make repairs and special attention should be paid to this ceiling. After all, it should be not only beautiful but also durable. Nevertheless, before finishing required to spend a certain surface preparation. Preparatory stage. First of all, from the ceiling completely remove the old paint. If this lime wash, it carefully blur, clean with a spatula, sponge and wash the remains of cleaned with a special brush. The final result depends directly on the quality of the work done. All due to the fact that the remaining fragments of the underlayer could impair adhesion and lead to the formation of bubbles in a new layer.

As for colors, it is almost impossible to wash it, as it does not dissolve in water. Accordingly, for these purposes, use spatula, which removed the swollen layers.

Defects and their elimination

So when the old paint is in the past, and the ceiling is thoroughly washed and dried, boldly begin to address the shortcomings. Stains, rust and eliminate soot using acid and alkaline agents. The cracks are buried putty. If the ceiling browse more crack, as well as the field jointing of concrete slabs, it is good to glue them serpyanku. Then a horizontal surface ground and aligned. Thus it is better to apply several identical layers, rather than one thick. Finally, the final touch for a perfect ceiling - plaster finish. It hides even invisible holes.

art piece

When the surface is fully operational, it remains to decide which option to choose the finishes. The most common and traditional considered whitewashing and painting, because they are time-tested and do not take the ceiling height. In addition, the range of coloring substances intended for domestic work, extremely wide, greatly simplifying the tasks. Still, better to prefer alkyd enamels. The ideal option would be latex or aqueous dispersion paint. Aesthetes and avid owners of so-called skewed apartments, as well as possible, by the way, will approach or stucco ceiling moldings.

In general, all is simple enough, the main desire. Plus, in addition to the classic ceilings today there are still tension, suspension, rack and many others, we can only choose.

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