Combine with a balcony bathroom

Unfortunately, not every balcony has a wonderful view of the quiet green courtyard.

Most of the residents have to admire the "extraordinary beauty", as busy roads or trash in the yard. Therefore, the majority of urban residents balcony - storage. Where to put old furniture over the years and that is not already being used in everyday life, but to throw a pity.

But you can use the balcony in a different way. For example, attach it to the room. This clever move will allow to use the balcony useful area to better advantage. If you combine the room with the balcony, then it will not cold. Walls and window openings are insulated in the process of redevelopment. But there is another point that should not be missed at all.

Before starting work, you should make a design project of redevelopment and endorse it in all relevant instances. Otherwise, despite your costs, all this will be found to be illegal, and you have to change everything. After consultation with the authorities, you are ready to go. balcony insulate now follows. One of the best material is foam. It is worth it's not expensive, and retains heat well. They can also insulate the ceiling. Instead, it is possible to use mineral wool.

on the balcony insulation work should be done as thoroughly as possible. Do not forget that your neighbors this part of the apartment is not insulated. Glazing is done using only plastic windows, the maximum number of cameras in the frame. With such double-glazed windows, heat is provided to you in the apartment. But it is necessary to bear in mind. That warming the balcony using the foam will be effective only if floor wooden balcony.

In the event that the concrete floor, it should be warm screed using expanded clay. If you decide to insulate the floor in addition, you should do it with the help of electricity. In this case a brick wall to be dismantled. The doorway can be issued in the form of an arch. The battery, which is located on the inside of the room is transferred under the window on the balcony.

The fact that the redevelopment should first agree, and only then to carry out, we have said. Best for warming the balcony of the former are considered to aluminum. They have a flat shape, and a lot easier, all the usual, cast-iron. The floors in the balcony need to align and sills removed. Since now the balcony of the room, he adjusted to the same level as the bathroom.

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