As linoleum covered wooden floor

Wooden flooring, linoleum demands for a much less maintenance and is easy to clean and it does not require periodic painting. How correctly to put linoleum on the floor of the wood. Initially, you need to carefully examine the floor in the presence of gaps and the absence of unevenness between adjacent planks.

If we put linoleum on the floor with such defects, then it will last long. To address these shortcomings, we recommend that you cover the floor fiberboard or hardboard, which will help hide all the bumps and cracks. There is such material is not very expensive. Before you start laying linoleum need to remove all the baseboards in the room.

When buying linoleum should pay attention to its size. Need to choose so that there is as little as possible of individual parts and as a consequence - a minimum of seams. Currently, you can buy a strip of linoleum width of 6 meters. A piece of a width, with a little adjustment, can be covered once the whole room, with a minimum of seams or do without them. To increase the life of the linoleum to be selected more than 3 mm thick.

Storing and transporting the linoleum is recommended only on a roll, since kinking may form folds. Before applying the linoleum is recommended to spread and let him lie down for at least a day.

When laying, in order to avoid the appearance of waves, make sure there is a gap between the wall and the edge of linoleum, but not very big, so you can close it plinth.

If the piece has turned solid, it is not recommended to stick, because I do not get to avoid the waves and bubbles. But if the linoleum will consist of several parts, the joints need to be glued. The band width of the adhesive should be about 10 cm. Linoleum is best suited PVA glue.

Wooden flooring deteriorate quickly in contact with moisture, so water should be excluded from entering under the linoleum. For wooden floor does not really matter basis of linoleum. Such as a felt base recommended for concrete floors and wood flooring is not desirable, as long retains moisture. If you follow these tips, you will be able to lay a wooden floor linoleum correctly, so that increase its durability.

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