How to choose a site for the construction of the house?

Ground, land elevation, its dimensions - all important in order to be able to decide which house project you will implement. Thus it becomes clear that the design work on the site prior to construction are essential. Ideally, the results should already be reflected in the documents on the ground, but it does not mean that the site can be purchased without seeing it beforehand.

Regarding the choice of materials, there are virtually universal options that are sure to come in handy on-site, such as corrugated board. There are many moments that are worth paying attention to when choosing a site. No small importance here will be the aesthetic and environmental component. Even if you build a beautiful and comfortable home, but every day of the window you have to admire the smoking chimneys of the neighboring buildings, it is unlikely that you will feel comfortable.

Look at what is the surrounding area in which the state - all this you will have to see on a regular basis, and of course it would be good to what you see pleasing to the eye. It is not necessary to build a house in a valley near the river - you risk to suffer from floods every year. Meet your neighbors - the owners of the site near you, find out what they are going to do with their land, think about how it might affect you.

For your land plots and future home should conduct some road - get to know whether it is planned to build a new, state if you do not like the old. In general, not enough just to examine the site, you need to learn and what is next to it, and thus may affect your stay in the new house. Some people build a house is not just to go there for the weekend.

If you are planning to settle in the land and to farm, make sure you talk to people who are already engaged in this activity in your area. Perhaps you find that your chosen site and the area does not geared for this, because in the year a couple of kilometers there are going to build highways. It may be quite the opposite - the land extremely fertile, but it no one to deal with.

Remember that break new ground - not an easy task, and not everyone's strength. If you for example want to engage in animal husbandry, it is necessary to know in advance whether there is a suitable nearby pastures, as well as whether it is possible here to grow a livestock feed. Even if you're just building a house to rest there, we can not carelessly in choosing the site.

Try to purchase a plot of land in the village, where the majority of home owners have the same objectives. If no special requirements to the site and its further use is not imposed on you, all you are satisfied, you can buy land and start building your own home.

Choose the design, materials, and forward - to build a house. Then everything will depend on what you want to build - a summer residence, a country house for permanent residence or a house. You will need not only the materials for the construction of walls, foundation, roof, but the finishing material.

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