Tools and implements for harvesting

One of the most enjoyable activities on the land is the process of gathering the harvest. In order to get the job done quickly and efficiently, one hand is not enough. There is a great variety of very different devices, which are harvested in the garden or in the garden was converted into a pleasant and more relaxing pastime. Buckets of different shape and volume, special boxes and buckets, baskets and baskets, plows and potato digger, and plodosborniki grid, pruners and knives, to pull the forks and shovels, ladders and hooks branches and even cotton gloves and female stockings.

Knives and pruners

Very convenient when cleaning the bulb and a green plant. Dill and parsley, lovage and marjoram, coriander and cumin, celery and asparagus, rhubarb and cabbage comfortable cut with a knife or shears. To remove the crop of cabbage, some gardeners use a small hatchet. There is even a popular expression: "chop cabbage".

Forks and shovels

Forks and shovels so versatile that without them, one can hardly be dispensed with and the excavation of various root vegetables: radish and radish, carrots and onions, Jerusalem artichoke and beetroot, potatoes and turnips.

Plodosborniki (plodosemniki)

If the forks and shovels are versatile when working on the land, then plodosemniki - this is purely specific devices whose main task is to shoot the fruits without the damage of the most remote places. As plodosemnikov craftsmen inventors and used cans and plastic bottles, and paper packages from the dairy.

Baskets, buckets, boxes, bags

Small stone fruits convenient to collect with the help of her purse, which is worn on the fingers of the hand. Sharp edges, knives, located on top of the bags, easily snack stalk. Baskets from time immemorial been used for the collection and subsequent transport to a destination, like fruits and vegetables. Delicate berries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, mulberries and, of course, the most first-ripe in the garden - honeysuckle, convenient to store and transport in a grip belt boxes.

Ladders, hooks for pulling branches, cotton gloves and stockings ...

Apply to auxiliary members. This list is not final and the reader himself can extend it to a reasonable level.

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